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Included Foods

Description of Foods

Atole - A gruel thickened with masa and sweetened with sugar. It can be made with water or milk, or a mixture of both -- in our case we can have it look like milk.

Burritos - A flour tortilla wrapped around refried beans or meat filling. Chile may be added and depending on region may be served on the top or on the side and can be red or green. I think for our purposes we should leave the chile on the side.

Chilaquiles - A type of corn tortilla casserole. Corn tortillas are cut in small pieces (the same way pizza is cut) and cooked in oil. Scrambled eggs, cheese, and red salsa are added and all cooked together.

Chile - A sauce used for enchiladas or smothered over burritos. In southern Colorado, the chile looks like gravy. It is a light brown with green or red chile added and usually made with meat (pork).

Chile Rellenos - Large mild green chile stuffed with cheese or meat. These are then dipped in a batter of milk, flour, and egg, then fried.

Crullers or fritters (bu–uelos) - Fried flour tortillas garnished with honey or brown sugar syrup.

Enchiladas - Corn tortillas stuffed with cheese or chicken. Served with choice of green or red chile on top.

Flautas - Fried flour tortillas filled with meat.

Menudo - A soup similar to posole with tripe.

Mexican rice (sopa de arroz) - Rice made with tomato sauce/juice and cumin spice.

Mexican rolls (bolillos) - These rolls are typically small and made with refined white flour. They are very crisp on the outside and overall dry.

Mole - This is a sauce. In Colorado the most common form is cafecito -- brown colored.

Pork green chile (stew) - This is a soup version of the green chile with chunks of pork in it.

Posole - A hearty soup composed of hominy and pork. In Colorado it is typically a "white" posole. Lime wedges are often garnishes.

Quesadillas - Flour corn tortillas folded heated with cheese. Red salsa may be served on the side. Meat is an option for quesadillas.

Rice pudding (arroz con leche) - Rice cooked with milk and a little sugar and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Tacos - Corn tortillas filled with meat with garnishes of lettuce, tomatoes, and red salsa.

Tamales - Spicy meat (usually pork) wrapped in cornmeal or masa, then wrapped in softened corn husks and steamed.

Taquitos - Fried corn tortillas filled with meat.

Tostadas - Flat, fried corn tortilla spread with a thin layer of refried beans, selected meat, topped with shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, onion, and grated cheese cheese (often guacamole too)

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