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The main objective of this game is to teach school-aged children about the Food Guide Pyramid in a fun and innovative way. A national survey found that only two percent of school-aged children meet the suggested serving recommendations for the five major food groups of the Food Guide Pyramid. Another study found that less than 50% of students knew the recommended number of servings from the Food Guide Pyramid.

It is important for children to learn about the Food Guide Pyramid, since it is an illustrator for healthy eating. It was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help Americans choose the right foods and the right proportion of foods to be healthy and to achieve a healthy weight. Proper nutrition is critical for cognitive development, physical growth, and overall health in childhood.

This Food Guide Pyramid is different from the original one developed by USDA. It was developed especially for children, particularly Latino children, and is available in English and Spanish. The design and concept of the game was based on research with children, classroom teachers, and media teachers, as well as extensive experience in the development of interactive multi-media programs. This game was adapted from a CD-ROM program that was tested with over 200 fifth grade Latino and non-Latino children from all over Colorado. The findings show that the program improved knowledge and awareness of the Food Guide Pyramid. Children and teachers also reported having fun learning from the program!

This program represents a unique partnership between health professionals, educators, researchers, and mutli-media developers from Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia.

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