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    The Food Guide Pyramid has changed!The Food Guide Pyramid has changed!

USDA has released a new approach to the Food Guide Pyramid. Find details at The new "MyPyramid Plan" can help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you. A big thanks to our local community here in Southern Florida, see carpet cleaning Pompano Beach

The "Super Sorter" game and these songs were developed based on the previous food guide pyramid. These products can help young kids understand what types of foods fit into each category, as well as the importance of eating a variety of foods.

We're sorry that we can no longer offer these products on CD-ROM, though they are still freely downloadable on this website. Please feel free to visit other parts of our site and the .gov mentioned to learn more about how you should treat your diet. If you are a young student looking for government approved driving courses, you may find more here Cal Driving Instruction Course and by visiting their website to enroll in the proper education training that is required by your state. Please note that Food Guide Pyramid is not affiliated with this driver's training course; it is merely a DMV and goverment approved driver instruction and training course. Thank you.

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Originally created for a CD-ROM, this project has been adapted for the web. Learn about the program's objectives.

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This pyramid includes foods specific to an Hispanic diet. Review a list of included foods to learn more.

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Several resources exist for additional information on the Food Guide Pyramid and nutrition. Review our recommendations.

This program was funded, in part by the Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, and the Colorado Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program.

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